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About Us

Bride Connections was developed and launched by the team at New Range Media in 2013 to connect brides with what they have come to expect online — fast and easy access to information.

Today’s brides have an enormous amount of digital information available, including contact lists in email and Facebook accounts. At Bride Connections, you can quickly combine your contacts in one place online and then organize them into guest lists for all of your wedding events (without having to use Excel).

Once you have created your guest list, Bride Connections has tools and wedding ideas to simplify the rest of your wedding planning. We’ll help you with everything from tracking invites to pairing gifts with thank you notes. Bride Connections leverages exclusive technology and easy-to-use tools to simplify wedding planning on devices everywhere.

From our exclusive guest management tool to a one-of-a-kind calendar and checklist — no one else offers brides our unique combination of technology and planning tools.