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His & Hers Attire

Once You've Chosen His Wedding Tuxedo...

Once You've Chosen His Wedding Tuxedo...

Designers have different lead times, so find out how long it will take to get the look you've chosen.

When you have picked out a stunning suit or tuxedo for your groom and you know it's available, go ahead and place the order. As soon as that's done make sure you update your budget, since the groom's outfit can add up to 3-4% of the total wedding budget.

You may want to get ideas for the groomsmens' tuxedos or suits now, or it can wait until later. Whatever you choose for the groomsmen to wear should complement your groom's attire, so it can helpful to shop for both outfits together.

Plan for your fiance to get fitted as soon as his wedding attire comes in, and then schedule a final fitting a few days before the wedding, to make sure everything fits perfectly.

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