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Tips For Your Final Wedding Dress Fitting

Tips For Your Final Wedding Dress Fitting

Your final dress fitting should be fun! Your dress should be almost ready… perhaps just a few minor adjustments that need to be made before you can take it home.

If your dress has a long train, now is the time you want to bring your Maid of Honor or another trusted girlfriend with you. It's important that she learn how to bustle your dress properly.

The dress shop will be glad to show her how to bustle the dress, and then practice with her to make sure she is comfortable doing it on your wedding day.

Try on everything, including your veil, one last time before you sign off on the dress. Then confirm when it will be finished and make sure the dress shop will have it pressed. When you receive the dress, it should be perfect and ready for your special day!

After your last fitting is a great time to decide where you are going to hide your dress. Before you go pick up the dress, make sure you have somewhere safe to hang it up before the wedding!

We love feedback on our articles or suggestions for new ones. Your final dress fitting is an important part of wedding day preparations, so please add your comments below.