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5 Top Wedding Dress Styles

5 Top Wedding Dress Styles

Your wedding dress will be one of the most exciting and memorable parts of your wedding. It's something many brides keep long after the day is over.

There are so many different wedding gowns to choose from — and you can start looking for the dress of your dreams right here!

Beautiful dresses come in all styles and price ranges. Whatever your budget, there are lots of dresses to choose from. Not sure what to spend? Create your wedding budget now. You can always change the budget amounts, add items, and track the actual costs as your wedding plans get finalized.

Trying to decide if you want a long white gown or a tea-length dress? This guide explains five common styles of wedding gowns:

  • A-Line or Princess dress : With a fitted bodice and a flowing fabric from the waist down, this wedding dress looks beautiful on any body style.
  • A-Line or Princess dress

  • Mermaid dress: This tight-fitting dress is flattering for slender brides, since it is fitted from the bodice all the way to the knee.
  • Mermaid dress

  • Ball Gown or Fairy Tale dress : A dramatic gown with flared-out skirt and a fitted bodice. Perfect for almost everyone — petite brides may feel a bit overwhelmed by the size of the dress.
  • Ball Gown or Fairy Tale dress

  • Sheath dress: A narrow dress that is best suited for lean brides, this is also a favorite with petite brides. It has a fitted design that shows every curve.
  • Sheath dress

  • Tea-Length dress: With a shorter skirt that typically come down just below the knees, this less-formal dress works well on brides of every size and shape.
  • Tea-Length dress

If you are getting married in a religious ceremony, ask about appropriate dress guidelines. Then look at dresses online and in magazines to find some you think look good. Keep those pictures in your scrapbook and take them with you when you go to the bridal store.

Before you head out to the nearest bridal shop, make an appointment. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and be able to dedicate more time to you when you come in. It can be helpful to visit 2-3 shops to get a good idea of what you like that falls into your budget.

Knowing about what you want to spend on a dress will help you stay on budget, but if you are open to spending a little more — let the women helping you pick out the dress know that.

Some brides choose the green alternative to new, and look at consignment stores or resale sites online for beautiful dresses (many of which were never worn). Sites include:

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