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Unforgettable Wedding Dress Shopping Includes...

Unforgettable Wedding Dress Shopping Includes...

Picking out your wedding dress is an experience best shared with friends, so bring a friend (or several) dress shopping with you. If you are dress shopping online, send your favorite gown to a trusted girlfriend to get her opinion.

If you are shopping in-store, try on dresses in different styles until you find the one that’s right for you. It may sound silly, but try to bring happy people with you to look at dresses. That way, while you are trying on dresses, your friends can make the day special by:

  • Giving lots of OOHs and AHHs as you try each dress on.

  • Snapping pictures of you in your favorite dresses so you can see them from every angle.

  • Suggesting accessories like jewelry, hair combs, veils and shoes.

  • Going through sale racks, looking for a perfect dress that fits your budget. If you aren't sure about your budget, start creating a budget now. You can always change it later, and add or remove items as your wedding plans get finalized. It just gives you a place to start!

It's wonderful to have your friends’ opinions — just remember that you have to love the dress.

Occasionally a special someone isn't able to come dress shopping with you. You might take a picture of your favorite dress and send it to her so she's included in the experience (and so she can make some jewelry suggestions).

If you'd like to share your ideas or experiences with other brides (or let us know what you think of the article), please comment below!