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Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Bridemaids

Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Bridemaids

You've picked out the bridesmaid dresses — now you just need to make sure everything arrives on time.

Make sure your or your bridesmaids check in with the bridal shop periodically to ask if the dresses, and any jewelry they have ordered, are on schedule:

  1. Is the dress arriving on time? Make sure your bridesmaids ask when the dress is expected and keep checking. You need the dress to make the outfit work!

  2. How long will alterations take? Most bridal shops need a month for dress alterations, but this can vary based on the dress, the shop or your bridesmaid. Some bridesmaids keep losing or gaining weight after their final fitting, which creates additional alterations.

For your own peace of mind, make sure everyone's dress is ready to go well in advance of the wedding date.

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