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Six Beauty Tips For A Gorgeous Bride

Six Beauty Tips For A Gorgeous Bride

They say "practice makes perfect". If that's the case, your wedding day hair and make-up should definitely warrant a practice run or two. To get started:

  1. Decide how you want to do your hair and make-up. Do you want your hair up or down? Your make-up natural or dramatic?

  2. Hire a beautician and stylist, make sure they are available on your wedding day, and update your budget. Don't have a budget? Use our Budget Tracker to create a wedding budget today.

  3. Agree on beauty products you need to have in advance and what each person needs to bring to your dressing room on your wedding day.

  4. Schedule a practice session with your beauty professionals.

  5. Time how long it takes to get the exact look you want, so you can better plan your Wedding Day Calendar.

  6. Ask about a pre-wedding beauty regimen that you should follow to get a flawless look.

You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your hair and make-up look perfect on your wedding day because you have done it before!

If you want to have your bridesmaids help with hair or make-up, that's a wonderful way to spend your wedding morning together. Just like any other stylist, it's a good idea to get together ahead of time and practice your look! Make it a pre-wedding make-up party or themed event to get everyone involved and having fun!

If you'd like to share beauty ideas or success stories with other brides (or let us know what you think of the article), please comment below!