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Bridesmaid Accessories They'll Love To Wear

Bridesmaid Accessories They'll Love To Wear

Once you have your bridesmaids' dresses picked out, it's time to accessorize! There are so many great looks out there - you can pick out a few pieces you want your bridesmaids to wear:

  1. Necklaces — Do you and your girlfriends want to wear matching pearls, or would you rather have sparkly rhinestone necklaces? Make sure you keep the neckline of their dresses in mind as you make this important choice!

  2. Hair accessories — Are you asking your bridesmaids to wear their hair up or down? Have you thought about hair jewelry? There are a lot of different choices: from headbands to pins and clips — you are sure to find something beautiful you love.

  3. Bracelets — This can be a very personal choice for you and your bridesmaids. You will want to consider what the girls are wearing, and especially the length of the dress sleeves.

  4. Shoe clips — If you want to let your bridesmaids pick their own shoes, consider a color-coordinated shoe clip that they can wear during the ceremony.

  5. Shoes — From ballet slippers to strappy heels, your bridesmaids can wear matching shoes or mix styles for an eclectic (and possibly more comfortable) mix. If your bridesmaids are different heights, the added flexibility might offset that a bit.

  6. Shawls — If your bridesmaids are wearing strapless gowns, they might want to accessorize the look with a light shawl for dancing or dinner.

  7. Bags — Whether you want your bridesmaids to have matching clutch purses (which make a great bridesmaid gift), a tote bag or designer bag — plan the entire look early!

Share your suggestions for beautiful bridesmaid accessories in the comments section below. We's also love to hear what you think of this article!