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Create An Unforgettable Wedding Look

Create An Unforgettable Wedding Look

Look your best on your wedding day with stunning hair and make-up .

Whether you want a timeless look, or to show off the latest trends, start looking at pictures to get ideas for your stylists. It can also be helpful to pull out some pictures of yourself that you like.

Another fun way to kick off your search for the perfect look is to make a list of the words you want to embody on your wedding day. What comes to mind? Do you want to be sophisticated, casual, elegant, or all natural? Let the words help shape your hair and make-up selections as you begin talking to stylists.

When you are ready to interview stylists, start with their portfolio. Do they specialize in the kind of look you want? If you like their work, it might be worthwhile to have them do your hair once or twice to see if they really can create the perfect look!

Once you know what you want, update your budget. Hair and make-up are often 1-2% of a total wedding budget, so if you haven't got a budget yet — go ahead and try our easy-to-use Budget Tracker to create your wedding budget

Do you have more tips for your fellow brides? If so, add your suggestions in the comments below.