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Wedding Budgeting Made Easy

Wedding Budgeting Made Easy

Some of the most important, and sometimes the most difficult, parts of planning your wedding are deciding how much money you have to spend (and agreeing where to spend it).

That's why we have created an easy-to-use Budget tool and a few key questions that can help you get the discussion started:

  1. Where is the money for the wedding coming from? This can come from the bride and groom or their parents and extended family members.

  2. Are different people contributing to your wedding fund? If so, there are many ways to handle it. Some family members prefer to pay for something specific (like the wedding dress) while others just want to give you their gift to spend as you like.

  3. What is the total budget you expect to have? This can always change but it's good to have an idea what you have to start with.

  4. Are you hoping to use family or friends for any big expenses? If so, you should start having these discussions as you work on the budget.

  5. What is most and least important to you? Do you love a good bottle of wine or flowers… have you always dreamed of a beach wedding? Spend your money on the things that will make the day memorable for you!

After you are have agreed on answers to most of these questions then you can create and adjust your budget to suit your own style and preferences. You can always come back and make changes — this just gives you a place to start!

After you try our wedding budget tool, we'd love to know what you think! Please add your comments here!