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Why You May Need Wedding Insurance

Why You May Need Wedding Insurance

A wedding insurance policy can help give you peace of mind.

While some of your vendors may already have insurance to protect you, ask about their coverage and then decide if you need another policy to fill in coverage gaps. Some venues may even require that you purchase a policy.

The most common wedding insurance won't cover everything that can go wrong, but most policies cover unforeseen events such as a seamstress losing or damaging your dress beyond repair, the officiant not showing up, or the venue for the reception going out of business.

You may be entitled to reimbursement of non-refundable deposits if you cancel or postpone for a covered reason or if the vendor is not able to fulfill their obligations.

Your insurer may also offer additional liability coverage for things such as alcohol-related accidents caused by a vendor or guest.

There may be numerous asterisks to the policy such as requiring at least 180 days before the event for a "change of heart" event. One insurer actually has a stipulation that won't cover any losses if the event is canceled or delayed because of a "bungee jumping incident", so be sure to check the fine print before jumping off of any bridges.

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