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Wedding & Reception

Finding A Perfect Wedding Reception Location

Finding A Perfect Wedding Reception Location

From the location to the decorations, cake, food, drinks and party favors— you are designing the perfect event and it starts with picking the right location.

It's best to pick your wedding location first, so you know how far away it is. If it's important for you to have the wedding and ceremony in the same place, look for venues that can accommodate both.

Ask friends and family for recommendations or suggestions. Sometimes the most interesting places are off the beaten path. Then search online for a resort, hotel or restaurant in your preferred area. You can get reviews and other helpful information quickly to help narrow down your choices, then contact the locations. Many reception venues include catering, but make sure you get all of your catering questions answered so you know what services they provide and the costs involved.

As you look for that perfect reception location, keep track of the places you visit. Here are a few great locations to get you started:

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Wait to fall in love with a place until you know if it is available on your wedding date. Reception locations are often booked more than a year in advance, so finalize your reception location as early as possible.

Finally, remember to keep your budget updated, since the location of the wedding reception is often one of the more major expenses you will incur.

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