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How To Find The Right Wedding Location

How To Find The Right Wedding Location

Planning your perfect wedding starts with the locations. No matter where your search takes you, it's helpful to keep a list of places you visit and what you think about each one.

There are amazing locations almost everywhere, so knowing where to start looking can be a little overwhelming. Friends and family can be a great source of suggestions or recommendations.

Another place to get ideas is our Pinterest board. You can see all kinds of wedding, reception and honeymoon locations.

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A lot goes into selecting where you will get married, and where you will have your wedding reception:

  • Is there a place where you have always imagined getting married? If you know just where you want to have your wedding ceremony (like in a family church or park downtown), then you can focus on venues for your reception.

  • If you aren't sure where to have the wedding ceremony, early in your search you may want to scout locations for your wedding and reception at the same time. There are a couple of advantages to this:

    • You may find a location where you can have both the wedding and reception — simplifying your planning.

    • If you find a perfect reception location, you'll want to consider how far away possible ceremony sites are to avoid too much travel on your wedding day.

  • Think creatively about your location choices. Some brides elect to have their wedding and reception on different days in different locations. Once you find the locations that you love, talk to the vendors to work out the details.

Often the ceremony location is less expensive than the reception venue, but that is not always the case. Try our easy-to-use Budget Tracker to create a budget and adjust the numbers to get a feel for how much you want to spend on each location.

Share your idea of the perfect wedding location, or just let us know how we are doing. We welcome your comments below.