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Wedding & Reception

How To Pick Your Wedding Date

Before you open up the calendar to pick a weekend, keep these things in mind…

  1. What kind of wedding would you like? Talk with your groom about what kind of wedding you have always dreamed of. Are you getting married at a June wedding in the city, or riding to your wedding ceremony in a horse-drawn sleigh? Your dream wedding will affect your wedding date.

  2. Where are you planning to get married? Once you have some ideas about what you want your wedding to include, think about potential locations. Are you planning to get married in your church, at a local park, or some far-away destination?
    • If you are planning a destination wedding, setting the date might have to wait while you research and visit potential locations. Check out our Pinterest page for some amazing wedding, reception and honeymoon locations.

    • Follow Bride Connections's board Gorgeous wedding, reception and honeymoon locations on Pinterest.

    • If you know the ceremony location you want is easily available (as in your Mother's back yard), it's time to start looking at the calendar. Pick 3-4 dates that could work for you and your groom.

  3. What dates might work for you and your families? Talk through dates and timing with your parents. They may have some preferences you'll want to consider — especially if they are helping pay for the wedding. It can be helpful to set a tentative date now and then make adjustments when you find your wedding location.

  4. Who else needs to be considered? If there are other people you can't imagine getting married without, ask them early if the dates work for them too.

What else are you taking into consideration when choosing your wedding date? Share your story below.