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Wedding & Reception

What Goes Into The Perfect Wedding? Find Out!

What Goes Into The Perfect Wedding? Find Out!

Little girls often dream of meeting the man of their dreams and walking down the aisle. Now it's your special day — time for you to create the wedding that's perfect for you. So where do you start?

It helps to close your eyes and imagine your wedding day:

  1. What time of year is it?

  2. Do you have a lot of guests, or are just close friends and family with you?

  3. What does your wedding gown look like and what is your groom wearing?

  4. Where would you like to get married? Are you thinking of a destination wedding or a local ceremony?

  5. What colors do you see around you?

Once you have an idea of what embodies your perfect wedding, you can start planning for your special day. Write down and describe what would it take to get there.

Don't worry if you don't have all of the ideas wrapped up early. Take time to create the wedding of your dreams — it's a day you will remember forever.

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