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Dancing At Your Wedding Reception: How To Get Ready

Dancing At Your Wedding Reception: How To Get Ready

Learning to dance can be a part of your wedding preparations you really look forward to — since it's time you get to spend with your fiancĂ©. Have fun and enjoy it!

  1. Pick a dance instructor whose style is a good fit for both you and your fiancé. You will learn more if you have a great experience with the instructor.

  2. Let the dance instructor know what kind of music you like, and if you have a specific song in mind for your first dance.

  3. Wear shoes that are similar to what you plan to wear to the reception. Whether you pick stiletto heels, ballet slippers, or something in between — it is best to practice dancing in the right height shoes.

  4. Start you dance lessons a few months before the wedding since the time immediately before your wedding will be very busy.

  5. Expect to practice in addition to your lessons and have fun!

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