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Wedding & Reception

Five Questions Engaged Couples Need To Ask

Five Questions Engaged Couples Need To Ask

A wedding is a blending of two people and often, two families. Each person comes with their own history and customs to honor.

For brides and grooms who have family traditions they want to incorporate into the wedding, it’s important to talk about those early in the planning process:

  1. Do you have strong feelings about who will marry you? Whether you want a lifelong religious advisor to marry you, or the local Justice of the Peace... you'll want to share your vision with your fiance early in the planning process.

  2. What personal or family dynamics need to be factored in to the event planning? It may not make sense to have a his and hers side of the aisle if one of you has a small family. If you are having a seated dinner, it's important to consider family dynamics when you create the seating chart.

  3. What one or two customs do you think are important to have as part of your wedding day events? Is there a special family tradition you want to honor during the ceremony?

  4. What part will religion play in your wedding plans? Is there a special scripture verse you would like to have read or a meaningful song you want to work in?

  5. Is there anything you want to avoid including in your wedding? If, for example, you are not changing your last name you may ask the officiant not to announce you as Mr. and Mrs.

Start talking with your fiance about these things early so together you can create a wedding ceremony and reception that is perfect for both of you.

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