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Wedding & Reception

Don't Keep Your Wedding Plans A Secret

Once you know the details of your wedding ceremony go ahead and pass that information on to your officiant, parents, bridal party and everyone else who is part of the ceremony.

This includes anyone who is reading during your service, ushers, and the parents of young children like the flower girl or ring bearer. Make sure you plan for "must-have" accessories that are easily overlooked.

If you haven’t already started, now is the perfect time to write out your Wedding Day Calendar. The calendar will help you (and everyone else) know what is happening and when.

Whether you get everyone together or ask each person separately, it’s time to confirm each person understands the importance of their role in your wedding. If you are creating a wedding program, go ahead and share a draft with this group as well.

You will have the rehearsal to go over the specifics again, but having an orderly list can help your entire wedding party be more prepared.

If you'd like to add a planning suggestion for other brides or let us know what you think of this article, please leave a comment below!