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Something Old, New, Borrowed + Blue

Something Old, New, Borrowed + Blue

You want to continue the tradition of having something old, new, borrowed and blue as part of your wedding ensemble — but you aren't sure what to use.

We've searched for traditional as well as a unique pieces for each part of the custom, so you have some ideas to start you off:

  • Old: Look first to your family history or that of your groom. You might want to sew a piece of your grandmother's lace into your petticoat, add an antique brooch to your bridal bouquet or surprise your groom by ordering something online that reflects his heritage.

  • New: Most often the wedding dress or jewelry is your "new" piece. It can also be something more private like lace lingerie that you can show off to your groom after the wedding.

  • Borrowed: Whether you borrow it from your own mother, the mother of the groom or an old family friend — jewelry is the most popular choice. Other fun borrowed options include hair clips, nail polish, or flower from your family garden that is tucked into your bouquet.

  • Blue: Many brides decide to have a blue garter under their dress. Whether you choose to keep or throw the garter as part of the post-wedding celebration, it's a fun way to honor the tradition. Jewelry or a hair pin to hold your veil are other great choices.

Whatever you decide, this is a part of the wedding planning that should be fun and creative! And it doesn't have to cost a fortune either...

Once you have chosen your items, work them into your budget. Haven't started your budget yet? That's OK. Our free Budget Tracker will help you create your wedding budget now.

What are you doing for your wedding? Share your stories and ideas with other brides by adding comments below!