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10 Tips For Hiring Wedding Photographers

10 Tips For Hiring Wedding Photographers

Your photography and video are often some of the biggest wedding expenses you will have — accounting for 12-15% of your budget.

Make sure you are working with the best team possible. When you are ready to start interviewing photographers and videographers, there are a few tips that may make the process a little easier:

  1. Know how much time you want the photographer to spend with you. Do you want engagement photos, candids of you getting ready for your wedding, formal portraits and photos of everyone at your reception?

  2. Consider developing a "shot sheet" if you want a lot of family members in formal pictures. You can list out the must-have photos and take that with you when you meet with photographers.

  3. Think about and discuss how you will use the photos. It can help you determine if you want to buy the negatives and print the photos yourselves or purchase a package of prints.

  4. Take an honest look at your budget, and then select photographers that can deliver what you want with the funds you have available.

  5. Make sure you like the people you talk to — personality and fit will be critical on your wedding day. Have an initial conversation over the phone, and then visit with the photographer and videographer in person.

  6. Keep track of the people you talk with. Organize your notes and jot down ideas on each photographer and videographer.

  7. Ask for references if there are limited reviews online. It can be helpful to get feedback from other brides who have used the photographer or videographer.

  8. Take engagement photos. They are a great way to get to know your photographer before your wedding. It gives you a chance to talk about your best looks, as well as what you like (and don't like).

  9. Lock in your photographer as soon as you are sure you have found the artists you want to record your wedding.

  10. Be prepared to sign a contract and put down a deposit. Read the contract right away, and ask questions about the fine print. Make sure everything you have agreed to is spelled out clearly. Like all of the contracts you sign, it's a good idea to read and thoroughly understand what you are agreeing to, and have your attorney review the contract before you sign anything. Then add the expense into your budget.

There are probably more great tips out there. If you'd like to share a tip to help other brides choose their photographer, or let us know what you think of the article, please leave a comment below!