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Wedding Photo Shoot Secrets

Wedding Photo Shoot Secrets

Every bride should ask her photographer about creating a shot sheet. A shot sheet is a list of "must-have" pictures that the bride and groom create to share with the photographer.

A shot sheet can help ensure that you get all of the pictures you want — which is what will make you and your photographer both happy.

If you have a shot sheet, you should be able to get a very clear picture of what the photography costs will be. They traditionally account for 12-15% of the wedding budget. Don't have a budget written down yet? Our easy-to-use Budget Tracker will help you start your wedding budget now!

  • Your shot sheet can be an all-inclusive list, or it can include just the must-have wedding day shots.

  • If you are considering making a list of every photo you want, keep in mind that you run the risk of missing impromptu shots that often make the most interesting pictures.

  • Group your shot sheet by activity. It can be helpful to use your Wedding Day Calendar as a starting point, since that lets you know where everyone will be throughout the day. Break your wedding day into smaller pieces and then decide what photos are most important to you.

One of the benefits of a shot sheet is that it helps you coordinate your guest schedules. For large family pictures, you’ll need to weigh the trade-offs of having everyone stay after the wedding for a group photo vs. taking a less-formal shot later at the reception.

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