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Wedding & Reception

Last-Minute Surprises Every Bride Should Avoid

Last-Minute Surprises Every Bride Should Avoid

Once you have decided who you want to marry you, spend time together getting to know the person. Depending on who is marrying you and the planned location of the ceremony, you may be expected to participate in pre-wedding activities with your officiant.

Some questions to ask include:

  • Are there any restrictions on photos, music or decorations?

  • How much can we influence the wedding timeline?

  • Are you marrying other couples on our date?

  • What donations or charges might we anticipate?

You should expect to donate or pay 1-2% of your budget to the person marrying you, so add that to your budget as you get the details finalized. If you don't have a budget yet, get started on your wedding budget today.

Make sure to ask if anything special is needed in order to be married according to your wishes, and allow time to take care of required details.

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