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Write Your Wedding Vows In 7 Easy Steps

Write Your Wedding Vows In 7 Easy Steps

Creating your wedding vows is very personal, so look for inspiration in favorite poetry, online books, or in some of your more memorable moments as a couple. As you begin writing:

  1. Confirm your officiant will honor your wish to use personal vows.

  2. Decide if you want to write your vows separately or together.

  3. If you each write your own vows, have a close friend compare them for length and tone.

  4. Make your words meaningful — they will be remembered forever.

  5. Make time to write your vows early, and then let the words rest for a day or two and come back to them.

  6. Keep your vows short, sweet, and about the same length as your groom.

  7. Practice saying the words out loud, so they flow freely on your wedding day.

If you've got tips for writing vows, please add your comments below. We also love feedback on our articles or suggestions for new ones.