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Choosing A Wedding Flower Designer: 10 Tips To Help

Choosing A Wedding Flower Designer: 10 Tips To Help

Flowers are often the centerpiece of a wedding ceremony — literally. They are carried by the bride and her wedding party, given to the mothers of the bride and groom, and used in some of the decorations at the ceremony and reception.

It's important that you find a floral designer that understands your vision and will honor your wishes.

  1. Ask for referrals from friends, family members or contacts at your wedding location.

  2. Start early.

  3. Talk to at least three florists so you know what your options are.

  4. Understand a little about their business. Ask how long they have been in the floral business, where their office is, and if they have references you can check.

  5. Show them pins or pictures of floral arrangements you like and ask for their opinion of your choices.

  6. Follow Bride Connections's board Gorgeous wedding flowers on Pinterest.

  7. Look for a florist who listens to what you want and doesn’t try to sell you on a "one size fits all" wedding package.

  8. Ask to see their portfolio. If you don’t see lots of examples of arrangements you like, they may not be the right designer for you.

  9. Talk about silk vs. live flowers. Some brides choose to mix and match flowers, so find out if the floral designer is flexible.

  10. Ask for DIY ideas if you are planning to do some of the floral arrangements yourself. They might have valuable suggestions to save you time and money.

  11. Be clear about your budget when you meet with florists. Some flowers just are not in season year-round and can be very expensive. Flowers can easily be 6-10% of your wedding budget, so we created an easy-to use Budget Tracker can help you decide how much you want to spend. Start a budget now.

Style matters, and you'll want to work with people you like. Choose a floral designer whose personality (and cost) is good fit with yours.

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