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DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

DIY wedding decorations can be elegant and inexpensive for a DIY-savvy bride. Often the best decorations are the ones you come up with yourself.

Think about what you really enjoy in your own home. Use that as inspiration. From frilly ribbons and flowers, to good food and sparkling crystals — think about how you want your wedding-day locations to shine.

  • Food is always a good party favor, but who says it can’t do double duty as both a party favor and table decoration? A bag of almonds or M& Ms wrapped in beautiful lace can be a creative table accent and party favor too.

  • Flowers are another beautiful decoration that you can create yourself. From crepe paper or silk flowers to live arrangements (like you can order at Bunches Direct) as table decorations — flowers add color to any location. Additionally, you may be able to repurpose ceremony flowers for your reception, so think about everywhere you would like flowers and then see what you can come up with.

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  • Ribbon can be your best friend when you are decorating your wedding or reception location. You can use ribbon to hang photo frames of you and your fiancé outside the service or reception, to create bows that decorate railings and pews, or to customize the flower girl basket (just to name a few ideas).

  • Crystals can really add interest to simple DIY decorations. A few well-placed crystals can sparkle and add dimension to your party, especially when combined with candles or great lighting. Layering different textures of light or fabric keeps things interesting, so play with different decorations until you have created just the look you want.

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