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Silk Or Live Flowers... You Decide

Silk Or Live Flowers... You Decide

Choosing flowers you will love helps set the stage for your dream wedding.

For some brides, the decision of whether to use live or silk flowers is not an easy one. If you are undecided, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing:

Top reasons to order live flowers

  1. Live flowers have a feel that artificial flowers can’t match.

  2. The smell of fresh flowers becomes part of your wedding ambiance.

  3. With a little help, you can save your live bridal bouquet forever.

  4. You can give arrangements to your guests to take home.

Top reasons to get silk flowers

  1. The flowers you want are always in season.

  2. It is a worry-free experience for brides or guests with allergies.

  3. High quality artificial flowers can be an incredible value.

  4. You can enjoy peace of mind with flowers that arrive early and are easily transported.

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