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Wedding Flower To-Do List

Wedding Flower To-Do List

Whether flowers play a large or small part in your wedding, you want them to be beautiful. If you like flowers, this part can be really fun — designing your perfect wedding arrangements. There are a lot of things you can do to get the most out of your florist or floral designer:

  1. Bring pictures of your wedding dress.

  2. Bring fabric or color swatches of your exact wedding colors.

  3. Check out Bunches Direct or other DIY-friendly sites to see what live flowers you can order directly from the flower farm.

  4. Communicate early and often. Let your florist know up front if you have a specific look and feel you are going for, and what (if any) flowers you already have planned out.

  5. Pin lots of pictures of arrangements you like, and print out your favorites to show the florist.

  6. Follow Bride Connections's board Gorgeous wedding flowers on Pinterest.

  7. Make your flowers personal. If a scent brings back memories of walking through a rose garden together or a certain flower reminds you of your childhood home, let your florist know.

  8. Be open and honey about what you don’t like. You’ll be much happier with the end result.

  9. Have some ideas of how you want to use flowers in the wedding decorations. Also share any details you have about the size of your wedding party.

  10. Be flexible. If you have chosen the right florist, trust that they understand your vision and will beautifully translate it. Listen to their advice.

  11. Go to local florist and see what is in bloom, especially if you are engaged more than a year before your wedding. You’ll get some great ideas that may save you money over more exotic choices.

And finally, remember your budget. A quick check of your budget can help you set clear expectations with your floral designer. If you don't have your budget finalized yet that's OK. Our easy-to-use budget tool will help you create a wedding budget now. You can always change the budget amounts, add items, and track the actual costs as your plans get finalized.

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