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Create An Amazing Menu For Your Wedding Reception

Create An Amazing Menu For Your Wedding Reception

Planning what kind of food and beverages you are going to serve to your closest family and friends for your reception can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress.

There are so many choices out there — from appetizers and drinks to a four-course meal with plated dessert samplers. Some questions to consider:

  1. What kind of service do you want to have? The most common types include:
    • Formal sit-down dinner to encourage family conversations
    • Appetizers and finger foods (conducive for mingling)
    • Buffet or self-serve style meal where people can seat themselves

  2. Are you considering an outdoor reception? Outdoor receptions give you a unique opportunity to showcase your personal style (and they can be fun to decorate ). For example, if you love the outdoors you might prefer to do a picnic at a favorite park or serve BBQ in your back yard.

  3. Is there a special kind of food you want to serve? If you and your fiancé both love sushi, maybe a sushi bar would be a fun experience to share. If you come from a "meat and potatoes" family, create a delicious menu that reflects your own traditions. Make sure you plan time for food and wine tastings and can accommodate special meal requests for vegetarian or peanut-free alternatives.

  4. How will the wedding cake or dessert be handled? From cupcakes or cake-pops to traditional tiered cakes, today’s brides have lots of choices. You may know just what you want, or you may have to taste a few different options before making up your mind. Either way, deciding on your dessert is an important part of planning your reception.

  5. What kind of drinks do you want to have available? If you are planning toasts, then you’ll want to have sparkling cider or champagne for guests to toast with.

  6. What is your budget? Often the wedding reception is the most expensive part of your wedding, so decide early how much you would like to spend and then update your budget . There are ways to have a wonderful and fun reception at any budget — you just have to decide what is important to you and then be creative!

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