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How To Get The Wedding Caterer You Want

How To Get The Wedding Caterer You Want

You have found the caterer and agreed to a cost per person. Now it’s time to start reading the contract so you can lock in your date. You may want to double check when the last day is to finalize your guest count — as some last-minute RSVPs may come in.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the fine print, and make sure you are familiar with the deposit and cancellation policies. Like all of the contracts you sign, it’s a good idea to read and thoroughly understand what you are agreeing to, and then have your attorney review the contract before you sign anything.

Go ahead and schedule the final food and wine tastings for a few months before your wedding. That way you can choose from the latest menu items and perhaps take advantage of a seasonal specialty you love.

Finally, take one last look at the budget and update your numbers based on the final estimates. Not sure about your budget? Create a budget today to get started.

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