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Tips For Finding Your Wedding Cake Baker

Tips For Finding Your Wedding Cake Baker

When is comes to choosing a baker for your wedding cake, start looking as soon as your wedding location and colors are selected.

  1. Start early and allow enough time to choose this major partner in your wedding celebration. Good bakeries often need time to get the freshest custom ingredients.

  2. Get recommendations from friends, family and trusted vendors. Local vendors often know who does exceptional work.

  3. Think about what you want your baker to create. There may be some great ideas in your scrapbook, so go back and see what you envisioned when you first got engaged.

  4. Look at pictures on bakery websites. You can tell a lot from the pictures a bakery shows. If you don’t like what you see — move on to another vendor.

  5. Visit the bakery and get to know the team that works there. You are going to trust these people with your wedding cake, so make sure you have a good feeling about them after visiting their shop.

  6. Taste everything you like the looks of. Beautiful cakes should also taste amazing and use high-quality ingredients.

  7. Understand how the cake delivery and setup will be handled. Often setting up the wedding cake is a delicate task and you'll want to make sure you're comfortable with the professionals doing it.

It's common for the bride and groom to spend 2-3% of their budget on the wedding cake and cutting fees. By now you have probably got a good idea of what your budget is so use our free Budget Tracker to start managing your wedding budget today! It will help you choose a baker (and other vendors too) that can work within your budget.

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