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DIY Wedding Party Favor Tips

DIY Wedding Party Favor Tips

If you are a DIY-savvy bride, making party favors yourself can be a fun and rewarding part of wedding planning.

Creative brides can save hundreds of dollars if they have the time and interest in creating their own unique party favors.

If you are considering making your own party favors, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Buy direct and in bulk whenever possible. Flowers can be ordered directly from the flower farms or you can find all sorts of overstock items online… your choices are limited only by your creativity and budget.

  • Homemade treats are great party favors and if you aren’t a big baker yourself, you can create and package a kit that guests finish making at home. From a smores to chocolate chip cookie mixes, you can package great party favors that guests can enjoy when they get home.

  • Take advantage of your own skills and hobbies. If you like to draw, consider creating custom bookmarks that can be laminated at a local office supply store. If you enjoy pottery, create cups that your guests can use at your wedding and then keep afterwards.

  • A cake pop or candy is always a crowd-pleaser. Plus it can be ordered in bulk and then packaged into lovely bags you create by hand. A gift bag of personalized M&Ms is great for guests to eat on the way home.

  • Be creative when thinking about colors. Last-season’s vases or ribbon might be found on the clearance rack of an arts and crafts store, and no one will know if that blue was chosen because it’s your favorite color or it was on sale. Pick what you like and save wherever you can…

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