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Managing Your Wedding Registry

Managing Your Wedding Registry

After a wedding shower or two, you may need to review your wedding registries and see if you want to make any adjustments.

You might be surprised at how many people buy gifts off of your registry. If it’s getting smaller every day, take another look at what else you might like to add to your list. Extra linens are always a nice choice

You may also find that stores have something out of stock so your friends select similar items. If you love the choices they made, you can pick new items for your registry.

Stores sometimes forget to take gifts that are purchased off the registry, so you may want to adjust that yourself. After all, who really needs more than a couple of blenders?

Just can’t wait for the wedding to get a few things for your home? That’s perfectly OK — just remember to remove anything you buy for yourself off of the list as you go.

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