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Gifts & Party Favors

Get Wedding Party Favors Your Friends Will Love

Get Wedding Party Favors Your Friends Will Love

Whether you are ordering your party favors or going the DIY route and making them yourself, the time comes when you have to make a decision and place the order. By now you should have a good idea of how many guests you will have, and it's always helpful to order a few extra party favors.

Remember that one size fits all is not always the best choice when ordering party favors. You may decide to customize your treats for your guests. If you have a small wedding, perhaps a favored bottle of red or white wine with a special label would be perfect.

For a larger wedding that includes children, consider ordering fun party favors to keep them busy during the reception. Crayons or activity books are popular choices to keep younger kids occupied.

We've also created a Pinterest page with lots of DIY party favor ideas to help.

Follow Bride Connections's board Wedding DIY decorations & party favors on Pinterest.

When you've made your choice, go ahead and update your wedding budget. Ready to create a budget now? Go ahead and try our easy-to-use Budget Tracker. It's simple, and it can help you keep your budget on track as you go forward!

Finally, make sure you place the order in time to get delivery well in advance of the wedding. The last thing you want to be doing is paying rush shipping charges or worse... running out to buy 150 party favors at the local gift shop because yours didn't come in. Shop and order early!

What's your favorite wedding party favor? Share your ideas with other brides in the comments below!