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Five Tips For The Ultimate Wedding Registry

Five Tips For The Ultimate Wedding Registry

One of the first things you and your fiancé will do together after you get engaged is start thinking about your future — and that includes picking out new things for your home.

Now that you are engaged, friends and family will start planning wedding showers. Creating a wedding registry is a thoughtful way to give them gift ideas. Whether you pick everything out online, or go to a store and scan what you like — have fun doing it together.

  1. Pick a couple of stores that carry different products. If, like most brides, you pick a traditional department store like Macy's, consider a more niche retailer or e-tailer to give friends and family additional choices. Make sure to look into return policies, as some stores are more flexible than others.

  2. Register for gifts with different price points. Go ahead and pick some expensive items that friends or family might buy together, and then choose a wide range of other items that will fit any budget. Register for more gifts then you think you will receive so people can pick something they want for you.

  3. Make wedding gift shopping easier on out-of-town guests. Some national retailers allow you to order online and pick up at a local store, which is convenient for friends and family who fly in for your wedding.

  4. Be creative. If you and your fiancé love kayaking and backpacking, register at a site that caters to these hobbies. Friends who know you will appreciate the chance to support your hobbies. If you are having a themed wedding shower, make sure to register for a few extra items that support the theme.

  5. Tell attendants where you are registered. They can direct people to your registry when they are asked, so you don’t have to.

As you start to receive gifts off of your registry, it’s a good idea to make sure the items were actually removed from the list. Sometimes stores forget to scan the registry and a quick adjustment now can save you time returning duplicate items later.

To stay on top of writing thank you notes, order them now and try writing them as the gifts come in. Anything you get done now makes your list a little shorter after the wedding.

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