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Gifts & Party Favors

10 Elegant And Simple Wedding Party Favor Ideas

10 Elegant And Simple Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Your wedding guests are special to you, and it’s common to give them small party favors.

Whatever your style — each couple chooses a gift that is right for their friends and family. Some party favor ideas to consider include:

  1. Silver bell placeholders at the reception that guests can take with them.

  2. Candy wrapped in colors from the wedding.

  3. Personalized M&Ms.

  4. Vases with a flower for each guest.

  5. Follow Bride Connections's board Wedding DIY decorations & party favors on Pinterest.

  6. Flower seeds for guests to plant when they get home.

  7. Small picture frame.

  8. Coffee table book.

  9. Wine glasses.

  10. Writing pen.

  11. Chocolate liquor bottles.

Make sure to keep your budget in mind. Our easy-to-use budgeting tool is a simple way to keep track of your budget online!

Help other brides by sharing your wedding party favor suggestions in the comments below!