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Gifts & Party Favors

A Gift Your Bride Or Groom Really Wants

A Gift Your Bride Or Groom Really Wants

Gifts between the bride and groom are very personal. It can be something sentimental or part of a private joke just between you two. Whatever you choose, this is the gift you both will remember more than all others — so make it truly special.

Take your time when choosing your gifts, and then create a private moment before your wedding to exchange them. Gifts are typically shared after the rehearsal or at the rehearsal dinner.

Gifts for her

  • Earrings

  • Necklace

  • Rare or special book

  • Engraved picture frame

  • Music box with a favorite song

Gifts for him

  • Portrait of the bride

  • Traditional or pocket watch

  • Rare or special book

  • Cuff links for the wedding

  • Tools with a lifetime guarantee

Please add your comments below. Tell us what you decided to get your fiance or suggest new gift ideas for the gift exchange!