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Finalizing Your Wedding Seating Chart

Finalizing Your Wedding Seating Chart

When all of your RSVPs are in and you have time to yourselves, you and your fiance should go through the seating chart one last time together.

  • Are you happy with where everyone is? Look at the way the room flows.

  • Can you see the people who matter most from where you will be sitting? It's a small detail, but it may be important to you that your mother is facing you at a nearby table, so look at the entire room and see what you think.

  • Did you get any last-minute guests that need to be worked in?

  • Are children placed where you would like them to be at the tables?

Take a last look at your seating chart and then give it to your caterer. They should set the room up according to your instructions, so keep a copy of the final seating chart for yourself.Finalizing Your Wedding Seating Chart

How does it feel to have your Guest List and seating chart completed? What was your biggest challenge?