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Creating The Perfect Wedding Reception

Creating The Perfect Wedding Reception

It's finally here — the day when you finish your Guest List and let the caterer know how many guests you will have.

You've probably worked out most of the details with the caterer already. Even so, so the caterer will need to know:

  • What is the final guest count for the reception?

  • How many childrens' plates will you need?

  • Are there any special requests due to food allergies?
  • It's easy to find know how many of each meal type to order by looking at your Reception tab. There are even totals at the bottom so you can print or save the list and give it to your caterer. Creating The Perfect Wedding Reception

    You might also ask if they can accommodate any last-minute attendees. That way you know what to expect if someone who didn't RSVP decides to join you!

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