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Wedding Seating Chart 101

Wedding Seating Chart 101

It's finally time to start organizing friends and family for your wedding reception.

Start by deciding if you want to have a table just for the wedding party. Are you and the groom are going to sit with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or mix everyone up throughout the room?

After you've decided where you will sit, its time to decide on your strategy for seating the guests:

  • Would you like to have tables that are "his or her" side of the family, or use the reception to let your extended families get to know each other?

  • How important is the traditional boy / girl seating attangement? Some brides work very hard to alternate men and women around the table, while others focus more on the personalities. It's a matter of prerence so you decide.

  • What family dynamics do you have to factor in? Between divorced friends and complicated family relationships, you should have an idea of who you definitely don't want to seat together.

It can seem like a lot to consider, so take your time. You still have weeks to move people around on your seating chart, so just get your thoughts organized now.

You can either add the seating chart details into your Guest List now, or wait until you have more details finalized.

It's easy to change them later — from the Reception tab just click on the table or chair you originally assigned someone and make the change. Once you save your Guest List is up-to-date!Wedding Seating Chart 101

We'd love to hear how you decided where to seat your family and friends. Please add a comment below!