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Five Surprising Wedding Night Mistakes

Five Surprising Wedding Night Mistakes

Get engaged…get married… go on your honeymoon — so much you get to do in what seems like such little time.

Once everything is done,relax and enjoy your wedding night and honeymoon. Just don’t make a mistake and forget something you really need:

  1. Wedding night and honeymoon attire. You'll want to pack at least a small overnight bag with a fresh change of clothes and personal accessories (like a toothbrush). If you plan on buying everything when you get to your destination, take an extra bag with you for the trip home.

  2. Passports. No matter how exciting your honeymoon plans are, without a passport your travel will be limited. Hang on to both passports throughout your trip.

  3. Prescription medicine. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding night or honeymoon is looking for an open pharmacy. Make sure you bring any important prescription medications with you on your travels.

  4. Weather-appropriate clothes. A couple recently went to Yellowstone and didn't realize that most afternoons it rains for an hour or two there before clearing up again. A quick check of the weather report (and an extra layer of clothes) can help make your day a little brighter (and maybe drier).

  5. Pet care plans. Make plans for a pet sitter early, or find a friend to care for your pets. Holiday weekends can be a busy time for caregivers, so plan ahead!

What must-bring items are you taking with you? Share your story below.