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How To Address Wedding Invitations Overnight

How To Address Wedding Invitations Overnight

If you are like many brides, after the first few invitations are addressed and stuffed the novelty begins to wear off. That’s OK... you have your bridesmaids and family to share the experience with so make it a PARTY!

By planning ahead you can make this a fun pre-wedding event with your girlfriends.

  1. Pick the day well in advance — so everyone is available. This might be a Saturday afternoon or one night after work. Just give your wedding party lots of notice so they can clear their schedules.

  2. Make it an event. If you have picked your wedding colors, have everyone wear that color to keep the mood festive. Or give each of them an elegant pen to write with.

  3. Share a little snack. Addressing and stuffing envelopes is hard work (OK not really, but it is time-consuming). A little snack can go a long way towards keeping everyone focused and happy.

  4. Have a little gift bag for each girl as she leaves. It’s not your big bridesmaid gift — it’s simply a small token of appreciation for her efforts.

Finally, make sure you plan for postage. Wedding invitations are usually oversized or heavier than a traditional letter. Make sure you take a completed invitation to the Post Office and have it weighed so you know exactly how much postage is required. Then order personalized stamps so everything is there when you are finished addressing your invitations.

If it all gets to be too overwhelming, there are also vendors out there who can do everything for you. If you have limited time and a flexible budget, consider using a "turnkey" partner who will do everything (including stuff and mail your invitations).

We love to hear from brides about what they are doing. Please share your comments below!