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Wedding Thank You Notes

Wedding Thank You Notes

After the wedding and honeymoon, it’s time to start writing those thank you notes.

You traditionally have 3 months after the wedding in which to write them, so whether you have 10 or 100 to write, the sooner you start writing your thank you notes the sooner you will be done!

  • Think of all the gifts you received. View each thank you note as a reminder that you are loved by friends and family!

  • Set a goal. Whether you decide to write a few thank you notes every day, or write them all in a weekend — create a plan.

  • Get your pen out. Whether you order stationery, have a designer make you custom notes or print the cards on your home printer — it’s important to include a handwritten and personalized note that thanks the recipient for the specific gift they gave you. In the case of money, it’s acceptable to mention on what you plan to spend their gift.

  • Show them you remember. If someone attended your wedding in person, include a nice note about that on their card. They will appreciate the fact that you remembered!

  • Keep it personal. Did you know you can get special stamps made that have your wedding picture on them? It’s a great way to personalize your thank you notes, and can be a treat for guests who weren’t able to attend your wedding in person.

  • Make a pact with your groom! Some newlyweds agree not to use a gift until they have written the thank you note.

  • Share the fun! Maybe you can write the notes and he can address them… look for opportunities like that to have fun together thanking friends and family for their thoughtful gifts!

What do you think about hand-writing thank you notes? If our suggestions are helpful, please add your comments.