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What You Need To Know About Bridal Showers

What You Need To Know About Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are typically hosted by one or more of the bridesmaids (or a close family friend). Your friends, family, and the mothers of the bride and groom are traditionally invited.

A new trend is to have a theme for the party. This can be lingerie, kitchen or hobby-related. Often the bride and groom share a passion for food, travel or sports that can be worked into the bridal shower theme. It’s up to the hostess to choose the theme (if one is used) so if you really love this idea, feel free to tweet a link to this article!

Some couples choose to have a co-ed bridal shower. This idea is something your fiancé will likely love or hate. Often a co-ed shower is thrown by friends of the groom in the workplace, and this gives the bride a chance to thank people in person for the gifts.

As the bride, your responsibilities for your showers are relatively straightforward:

  • Provide a list of friends and family you might like to include.

  • Be available to consult on possible dates.

  • Share a list of stores (like Macy's) where you are registered with your bridesmaids and the party hostess.

  • Attend the bridal shower and play fun games with friends and family.

  • Open your shower gifts while you are there. Make sure your hostess or a bridesmaid is keeping track of the gifts so you can…

  • Write thank you notes after the event!

Finally, plan to write a special thank you note and perhaps even send a hostess gift to the party hostess. Bridal showers take a lot of coordination and she probably deserves something special.

What do you think makes a great bridal shower? Share your thoughts and comments below.