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Tips For Choosing Wedding Day Music

Tips For Choosing Wedding Day Music

Choosing the music for your wedding and reception can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Talk to your fiancé early in the process about what will make you both happy — it will help you narrow down the list of artists you talk to.

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, decide what kid of music you want. Have you always dreamed of harps playing as you walk down the aisle, or hearing a favorite song from your church choir?

Your officiant may have a point of view on music, so ask early if there is anything you should keep in mind when planning your ceremony.

Budget is also an important thing to consider. Start managing your wedding budget now, since it's not uncommon to spend 5-8% of your budget on the wedding day music. Prioritize the music that is most important to you and spend your money there!

If you and your fiancé love the same bands, perhaps choosing music for the reception is as easy as limiting it to a specific genre. That said, there are a few songs that may be requested at a reception people tend to love or hate.

Have you shared your feelings about whether or not you want to hear The Chicken Dance played, or if you want to do the Electric Slide? Just a few of the unique song choices you may want to consider discussing…

Help other brides with your ideas and suggestions for wedding music. Please add your comments below.