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What You Should Know About A Wedding Receiving Line

What You Should Know About A Wedding Receiving Line

The receiving line is traditionally the way the hosts, and the bride and groom, greet their guests after the wedding and before entering the reception.

Some brides and grooms forego the receiving line — instead choosing to greet each guest personally at the reception or dinner. It’s your wedding, so you can choose what feels right for you and your guests.

If you decide to have a receiving line, you can go with a tradition order or customize it so it works best for you and your groom. If grandparents are able to attend, they are often included with your parents in the receiving line.

A traditional approach might include:

  1. Parents of the bride (as "hosts" of the wedding)

  2. Parents of the groom

  3. Bride and groom

  4. Maid of Honor and Best Man

More contemporary weddings sometimes have a slightly different approach:

  1. Bride and groom (as "hosts" of their own wedding)

  2. Parents of the bride

  3. Parents of the groom

  4. Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Whatever you decide, make sure everyone knows where they are to stand in advance, to avoid last minute confusion. As the guests walk through the line, each person will greet and shake hands with (or kiss and hug) each guest in the receiving line.

When guests come to the end of the receiving line, they should mingle nearby or move to the reception location.

Make sure your Wedding Day Calendar has time penciled in for the receiving line. If you have a larger wedding, it can take time to talk with each guest personally before the reception.

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