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Three Wedding-Day Details To Delegate

Three Wedding-Day Details To Delegate

Treat yourself by delegating some of the details to your bridesmaids or a close family member. If your wedding day is close, that's OK. Take a moment at your rehearsal dinner to find a volunteer.

While you can’t delegate many of your wedding-day activities, avoid losing sleep the night before your wedding by asking a trusted member of your bridal party to help out where she can:

  1. Wedding cake: Saving a pristine piece of the wedding cake for you to freeze.

  2. Extra clothes: Packing up any clothes you have changed out of.

  3. Gifts: Transporting the gifts and other "keepsakes" to a designated location after the celebration.

These details need to be taken care of (just not by you). Enjoy your moment knowing that your cake, clothes and gifts will be safely tucked away until after the honeymoon!

What are some other wedding-day details you think brides should delegate? Share your suggestions in the comments are below.