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Wedding Organization: Where To Start

Wedding Organization: Where To Start

There are dozens of tools to help you stay organized, but the best advice we can give brides is to create a binder or wedding folder and put everything in one place!

We have some suggestions about the information you might want to keep handy, but customize the tabs or folders based on your own needs:

  • Your Wedding Checklist. From invitations to receiving line etiquette and everything in between, plan the wedding of your dreams with our easy-to-use checklists. Your progress saves automatically when you are logged in, and a mobile-friendly design lets you take it with you just about anywhere.

  • Guest list. Your Guest List is going to be fluid for some time, so keep the latest version handy so you can refer back to it and jot down notes if people RSVP in person.

  • Seating chart. Much like your Guest List, the Seating Chart will be something you continue to adjust as your wedding day approaches.

  • Your Wedding Budget. You will want to create a comprehensive view of your wedding finances and update it regularly. Your budget should factor in the expenses you anticipate, such as:
    • Stationery
    • Wedding Dress and Alterations
    • Bride's Accessories
    • Groom's Tuxedo and Accessories
    • Wedding and Reception Venues
    • Ceremony Officiant
    • Wedding and Reception Decorations
    • Food and Service
    • Cake and Cutting Fee
    • Beverages and Bartenders
    • Transportation
    • Hair and Makeup
    • Musicians
    • Photographer and Videographer
    • Wedding Bands
    • Bridal Party Gifts
    • Party Favors
    • Wedding Night Lodging

  • All cost estimates. As you get written estimates, keep them in one central location. You will want to refer back to them as you finalize your plans and adjust your budget.

  • Final contracts. After you have reviewed the final contracts, keep a copy of each signed agreement.

  • Your Wedding Day Calendar. Your wedding day will be filled with friends, family and vendors who all need your time. Stay organized with a Wedding Day Calendar. This customizable and easy-to-use calendar will help you stay on top of all of the different wedding-day activities.

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