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The Key To A Successful Wedding Toast

The Key To A Successful Wedding Toast

The bride and groom traditionally give toasts at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. We recommend you jot down a few words in advance for both events, as your emotions will be running high at the time.

Also make sure everyone has a drink before you start to give your toast. Not sure what to say? There is an easy recipe for giving toasts and speeches that can be a great place to start:

  • Introduction: Start by letting everyone know what you are going to talk about. Whether it's your groom, parents or bridesmaids (or all of them), get everyone prepared for what’s to come. It can be as simple as saying something like "I'd like to make a toast to ".

  • Body: Tell a story about the person or group of people you are toasting. If you are thanking them for different contributions to your wedding, make sure you are very inclusive (you'd hate to leave someone out because you got a few nerves and forgot your notes). In fact, notes can be very helpful, even if you just jot down a few things you want to say. It's common to have notes and knowing you have them may help you relax.

  • Close: Remind everyone why they are toasting and, when you are done speaking, raise your glass and say something simple like "Raise your glasses to ".

For the wedding reception, the bride and groom will typically prepare a short toast to each other and their guests — and then get out the cake serving set to cut the cake.

Make your toasts, enjoy a drink with friends and family, and then keep the celebration going by mingling with your guests!

Share your ideas and suggestions for the toasts. We welcome your comments below!