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The Key To Getting Final Wedding RSVPs

The Key To Getting Final Wedding RSVPs

As your wedding day approaches, it's time to finalize the guest list so you know who will be celebrating with you (and so you can order food for the reception).

If you've been keeping track of your RSVPs in Event Planning, you probably already have the list of the people who haven't responded.

The Ceremony tab show you, at a glance, who has RSVP'd, how many guests are expected, and who still needs to be contacted.

The Key To Getting Final Wedding RSVPs

Start by making sure you have a phone number or email address for each one, then break up your list into small groups.

Some of the first people to contact about missing RSVPs are your parents. If there are family members or friends on your list that they want to contact themselves — that is great!

Now it's time to rally your bridesmaids. Give them the remaining lists and ask them to contact anyone you haven't heard from. This should help you get most of your RSVPs back quickly, but there are always a few people you won't hear from.

If you still have a couple of people who don't respond, it's up to you if you want to plan for them to attend or not. If you are having a seated dinner, you may want to take a different approach than if you are serving appetizers.

Whatever you decide, wrap up your RSVPs as quickly as possible so you can finish your seating chart and catering order.

Excited to get those final RSVPs in? We welcome your stories and comments below.