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Avoid These Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Avoid These Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

After stuffing and addressing all of your invitations or wedding announcements, the last thing you want is for loved ones not to receive them right away.

  1. Take one of your completed invitations to the Post Office and have it weighed so you know exactly how much postage is required. Most wedding invitations are over-sized and must be weighed.

  2. Since you need a stamp anyway, take a look at the new choices that are out there. You can even put a picture of you (or your family pet) on the stamps. If that’s not your style, the USPS has a wide variety of pre-made stamps — just make sure each envelop has a stamp.

  3. After your invitations are addressed, mail them all out at the same time! This helps avoid the risk of misplaced (or mis-timed) invitations.

Ask your Maid of Honor to hold your Wedding Announcements until after your wedding. It’s one less thing you have to keep track of and she can mail them on her way home from the reception.

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